Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marko Kloos on Responsible Home Defense

This is becoming quite common, rabid gun owners who claim to be ever-vigilant in the family protecting business, who often share tips on weaponry and tactical advice necessary to ward off that imminent home invasion by a marauding band of ex-con rapists, who share recipes for cool drinks.

I say again, there's no place for drinking gin, or a half-dozen beers for that matter, in the life of the responsible gun owner. Either stop pushing the drinks or stop telling us how responsible you are.  Or keep doing both, it's a free country.

In The Famous 10%, I accounted for this type of behaviour but I'm afraid I was too conservative in my estimates.

Alcoholics and drug addicts. 3%

It is estimated that 8.5% of the population is alcoholic. What percentage do you suppose has problems with other substances, anything from prescription medication to illicit drugs, another 10%?. Let's say 5%. That's 13.5% of our population at large and consequently of the 80 million gun owners. In all fairness, most of them, although I don't personally feel comfortable with their having weapons, won't cause any problems. But what of the worst 3%, say? These are the guys who become anti-social when they drink or party with drugs. You know the type. 3%.

"Problem drinker" might be a more acceptable way to describe these folks. It certainly works better for me since I believe very strongly that guns and alcohol don't mix, and you don't have to be an alcoholic to violate that.

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  1. Alcohol and guns don't mix. It should be obvious. And yet, I am alarmed at the increased interest and passage of bills allowing guns to be carried into bars (the bills claim that drinking is not actually allowed, but why the hell else would someone go into a bar, really?)

  2. "...ward off that imminent home invasion by a marauding band of ex-con rapists, who share recipes for cool drinks."

    You must be referring to these guys.

    Have a good day. And get some stats will yah... numbers without research are nothing but opinion and heresay.

  3. There are significant problems with combining gun possession and alcohol.

    Rather like combining cars and alcohol.

    Or, put it this way - read the annual darwin awards, the list of spectacularly stupidly creative ways that people come up with that are fatal, or nearly fatal, that end with 'alcohol may have been involved'. By 'may', read 'WAS'.

  4. Anonymous, Thanks for the link to that Petit killer. You must be new around here because I had a very popular response to stories like that. Here it is.
    And thanks for the advice but I prefer to deal in opinion and heresay, I leave the numbers to you pro-gun guys. You're good at cherry picking the ones that support your already decided ideas, however nonsensical they may be.

  5. Well at least you can admit it. What the pro-gun side needs is more anti-gun bloggers like yourself. We should have a field day making the new laws.