Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unjustifiable Homicide

UT Police Shooting
Officers entered Blair’s home Sept. 16 during a drug raid when he stepped into the hall, wielding a golf club, police video shows. Ogden police Sgt. Troy Burnett shot Blair, 45, in the head and chest.

The shooting was deemed legally justified.

Don't think so.


  1. A Cop is just a guntard with a badge.

  2. A cop who shot a drug dealer that was cocky enough to swing a golf club at someone with a gun. Oh well! Another drug dealer out of society. Or do you anti-gun folk think that a bad thing?

  3. Sounds like the cop was just following Obama's suggestion on if they bring knives we will bring guns... I chalk this death up to the violent rhetoric of Obama

  4. Yes, Anonymous, I think that's a bad thing. Even if the guy was swinging the golf club near the cops, which he was not, it would be a bad thing.

    In this case it looked like the cops went in there shooting. That's bad.