Thursday, January 20, 2011

81% of Gun Owners Agree

Reuters reports on a poll, which obvioulsy excluded the internet gun bloggers, but which perhaps gives a more accurate picture of what people really think.

Eighty-one percent of gun owners, and 86 percent of all Americans, back requiring personal background checks for all firearms sales, regardless of whether the weapon is bought from a licensed dealer or from a private seller at a gun show, the poll said.
I guess that settles that, huh?. What do you think?

Given these percentages, why is it still not law? Is the NRA and the gun lobby unfairly influencing things?

Would it be possible to have background checks on all transfers without requiring licensing and registration? Or could the background check do it all, kill three birds with one stone, so to speak?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. "Given these percentages, why is it still not law?"

    Because all the proposed laws ban private sales and increase the cost and red tape associated with putting on gun shows.

    I can swipe someone's credit card with my iPhone when they pay me for a gun at a gun show, yet there is no iPhone app that allows me to run a NICS check on that same buyer. Give me that app and I am all for mandatory background checks on all sales.

  2. Those 81% of gun owners need to speak up for those background checks and contact their legislators.

  3. "Given these percentages, why is it still not law?"

    Because they only asked 1003 people and immediately following a high profile shooting and probably with most questioned in liberal cities.

    Sorry, not very scientific and far from accurate.

    The reason these laws are not passed is that the majority of Americans do not support them. Presenting a poll like this is only a dog and pony show and obviously does not truly reflect what our nation wants.

  4. I guess Reuters in cahoots with MAIG who found almost identical results.

    It's all a conspiracy!!!

  5. FWM: Serious question: have you ever taken a course in probability and statistics? It would appear not.

    First, the poll was conducted nationally.

    Second, 1003 respondents is a very good sample size.

  6. "Second, 1003 respondents is a very good sample size."

    Obviously not if you really believe 81% of gun owners want that.

  7. C'mon FWM, admit it, you're part of a very opinionated minority.