Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of San Antonio Man - No Charges

Local Fox News reports on the second "gun accident" in San Antonio in the last few days. The other guy was luckier. In both cases they were playing around with the gun.

San Antonio Police are investigating a deadly shooting of an active military man. On Sunday night a 911 call went out for a shooting on the 3300 block of Timber View was made. When emergency crews arrived they found a 25-year-old man had been shot. Investigators say that the victim's friend was taken into for questioning. He allegedly told police they were "fooling around" when the shot-gun went off accidentally. The victim died at the scene. So far no charges have been filed.


  1. Once again, FuckTheNew'sCorpse does a stellar job of leaving out a few items in their "news" stories.


    “SAN ANTONIO -- Police are still trying to figure out if a deadly shooting involving two military members was accidental.

    According to officers, two men and a woman were inside an apartment at the Deer Creek Apartments on Timber View near Culebra Sunday. The men were reportedly looking at the gun when it went off. One of the men was hit in the chest, instantly killing the 24-year-old.

    Investigators say the victim was training with military police at Lackland Air Force Base.”

    is from here (http://www.woai.com/news/local/story/Military-police-trainee-shot-and-killed/mNqLYGVvR0-GVB3pfYZdTw.cspx?rss=68)

    The shooter is fucked, it appears that they were both SP trainees at Lackland AFB. Even if the SAPD and prosecutor give him a pass (not that it's a given) the military will be less forgiving.

    At least orlin sellers will be thrilled. Another one of the military's murderers that he hatez on so much dead; what's not for him to like?

  2. I have to add a caveat. Two military members were involved but they didn't say if the woman was one of them, so, I may have been wrong about both the shooter and the victim being in the military.

  3. They were fooling around when the gun went off? Then this wasn't an accident. It was negligence.

    1. They're all negligence, Greg. I was testing you by not putting quotation marks around "accident" every time I wrote it.