Monday, April 2, 2012

The Mayan's Deadly Wooden Guns

The Mayans used a short shaft of wood like a gun in battle, sending darts toward incoming attackers at amazing speeds. It may not have been powered by gunpowder, but it was still an effective killing tool.

While simple in design, the hul'che produced accurate and deadly results. Let's look at an ingenious early use of technology to improve hunting efficiency, other civilizations that developed similar devices, and modern uses of the hul'che.


  1. Actually, that was used by many different cultures around the world. It's ancient and effective.

  2. I think we should work on legislation to ban or at least register these deadly weapons.

    1. hahahahahahahaha! Yes! Because criminals always take the time to learn the skills necessary to make an ancient weapon instead if just buying an illegal gun or using a 5 dollar knife! In fact, we should probably register baseball bats too because theyre pretty dangerous. And any person seen carrying a baseball bat should be arrested on the spot!

    2. Not every post on this blog is a call for bans and regulations. Some are just for general interest with no hidden message attached.