Friday, April 6, 2012

Luciano Pavarotti - "Ah si, ben mio" - Il Trovatore

Ah yes, my love, when I am
Yours, and you are my wife,
My spirit will be more fearless,
My arm will be stronger.
And yet, if on the page
Of my destiny it's written
That I must be among the victims,
Pierced by the foe's steel,
As I draw my last breath,
My thoughts will come to you,
And death will seem to me
Only preceding you to heaven.
And death will seem to me, etc.


  1. Bravo, bravo, magnifico! Che tesoro!

  2. One of my favorite operas! Saw it at the Met years ago with Richard Tucker as Manrico. I have this aria on my iPod. Bravo!

    More like this, please.

  3. Shaw, are you a regular reader interested in guns? Or did you stop by just for the opera?

    That performance was at the Met in 1988. I was there at that time but I didn't see that show. I became an opera fan after moving to Italy the following year.

  4. I watched it just to remind myself how much I hate opera. Gawdawful shit.
    orlin sellers

    1. I'll try to find you something a bit more palatable. I know the appearance of the singers can be off-putting if you're not a fan. But, the strength and power, not only of his voice, but of the sentiment expressed, is absolutely something special.

    2. I discovered opera a little more than a decade ago and took an instant liking to it. Thanks for the video.

    3. Mikeb said, "I'll try to find you something a bit more palatable."

      Don't bother doing it for me. I can't stand this stuff. But, some Johnny Cash or Los Tigres del Norte would be nice.
      orlin sellers