Sunday, April 1, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Texas Man Playing Around with a Gun - No Charges

A 34-year-old male was transported to SAMMC early Saturday morning following what witnesses are calling an accidental shooting.

Around 5 a.m. authorities were called to a hotel in the 6500 block of I-35 North after reports of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Police are interviewing people in hotel room, but several people said they were messing around with the gun when it accidentally fired.
Several people, huh? No mention of arrests for illegal possession by felons. Do you suppose they were the responsible gun owners we keep hearing about?

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  1. Responsible? Apparently not, since they were "messing around" with the gun and it "accidentally" fired. Preventable? Also doubtful, unless you have a magical knucklehead detector.

    Someone here will likely say that it would have my name recorded in its chips, but such a comment would only be in jest, I'm sure.

    1. The problem is the knuckleheads are more common than guys like you, Greg.

    2. That's true about life. Doing something about it is harder than it seems.

  2. The process of changing a LAGO to an Ain'tnoLAGOnomonomo hapens faster than that changing the wine and wafer of the eucharist into the Body and Blood of JESUS!

    As soon as they do something stupid/dangerous/criminal, voila!, they become, goblins!

    I wonder if the idiot was trying to one up the guy who killed himself and injured another person--by firing a gun, the bullet from which hit them both in the head--by going for a triple header. Would that qualify as some sort of bizarre menage a trois? Ooooh, sounds kinky!