Monday, April 9, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Kentucky Man by Himself - He's Dead

The victim's son told News 5 the man was walking down a staircase while carrying a gun when he fell, causing the gun to fire.

The bullet struck the man in the head, killing him. His name has not been released.
Now, wait a minute. If there are five of these stories in the main stream news every day, which I can assure you there are, that's 1,800 a year right there. How many more do you think there are that don't make it to the national headlines, maybe 5 times as many, maybe 10.

That would be 9,000 or 19,000 each year. Yet, our gun rights friends keep quoting figures much lower than that from supposedly reliable statistical sources.

What can explain the discrepancy? We're talking about only "accidents" now. What can explain such a great discrepancy that the pro gun folks can keep saying they represent a tiny percentage.

It doesn't seem so tiny to me.

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  1. What percentage is accidental death from gunfire of total accidental death in a given year? You want to eliminate one class of accident, while refusing to recognize that accidents always happen. No law will stop that. This is the world that we live in.