Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gunz & racizm

Oklahoma, where the gunz are blazin' the streets...

This sortathang ( is what happens when you haz teh gunz and are a racizt.

Oklahoma does have a "Castle Doctrine" law modeled on Floridas, although it doesn't appear to be quite as much a statewide perphuntin' license.

Them two boyz get theyselvez a good shyster (they look pretty broke so the NRA may have to fund their defense)  he might be able to get 'em off by claiming that the people they shot attempted to attack them while they were asking for directions.  Of course he could also use the GCSIOOPGDFBS* defense; I mean, what's a few less of THEM matter?

I don't know if the cops tested the two gentz they arrested for cuts and bruises that might have been inflicted on them by the people that they had to use deadly force against.

Happy Easter!

*   Greg Camp Statistically Insignificant Occurence Of People Getting Dead From Being Shot


  1. Why would the NRA fund the defense for what looks like a simple case of murder? Also, why do you mention the castle doctrine here?

    Oh, I forgot, just like your constant invocation of my name, this is another example of your version of good reasoning.

  2. Greg Camp:

    "Oh, I forgot, just like your constant invocation of my name this is another example of your version of good reasoning".

    Golly, I guess that poor Greg Camp has to have his sarcasm detector recalibrated.

    I notice you avoided mentioning anything about your assertion (made more than once on this blog) that deaths involving firearms are statistically insignificant. You're wrong, but I don't expect that to change anything in that squash of your.

    1. I've said that gun crimes involving carry license holders are statistically insignificant. I saw no mention of these two being licensees. But tell us, are you afraid of wearing out the s key on your keyboard?

  3. The older one probably had a carry license. I'm just a-guessin' though.

    Another guess is this was a hate crime, racially motivated.

    1. Why would you say probably? Is it because he's white and had a gun? If so, do you know what bias and prejudice mean?

  4. I'm guessing that you're half right.

  5. mikeb302000:

    Whether it was related to the killings of last friday, I can't say.

    "At the house listed as the address for both suspects on their arrest reports, a couple who identified themselves only as England's relatives said England's father had been shot to death in April 2010, and England had been left to care for his 6-month-old child after his girlfriend shot and killed herself in front of him a few months ago."

    I couldn't find out if the weapon used for the suicide was one that belonged to the decedent or if she borrowed it from someone.I wonder if the weapon was one that was used in the killings of last friday.

    Gunz, for when killing a problem is easier than solving it.

  6. @demokkkommie
    Would you mind writing in English?