Friday, April 13, 2012

Black-Powder Accident

"Muzzle Loader Explosion" OK, the title of this is wrong!, actually what happens in this video is the guy leaves his powder container open and shoots over it with an inline rifle, setting it off. The Muzzle loader DOES NOT explode. Let this be a good reminder to CLOSE YOUR POWDER CONTAINERS after measuring out the powder. Way to help the ban all guns movement "bro"!


  1. "Black Powder Stupident" is more like it, mikeb302000. There are, by the soundtrack on that video, at least two or three idiots involved. Moronz don't kill people, moronz wit teh gunz kill people.

  2. Um, Democommie, did someone die here?

    Mikeb, are you finally admitting to your real goal? That's as may be, but there's a good reason that I seal my can of black powder and stow it before I put the caps on and well before I shoot. Good luck stopping knuckleheads, though.