Monday, April 9, 2012

More on the Oklahoma Hate Crime Shootings

CNN reports on the story democommie posted yesterday

Police are investigating whether the shootings of five African-Americans in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were a hate crime after the weekend arrests of two white suspects in the case, local authorities said Sunday.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, are scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning. Tulsa police arrested them early Sunday after a series of tips that led investigators to England's burned pickup, a vehicle that matched a description reported at the crime scenes, according to their arrest reports.
What do you think, sound like a hate crime? And still no mention if they were lawful gun owners or if the older one had a CCW permit.

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  1. "And still no mention if they were lawful gun owners or if the older one had a CCW permit."

    Still no mention of if he had a Belgian passport either.

  2. "Still no mention of if he had a Belgian passport either."

    Gunz don't kill peoples. Belgian passports don't kill peoples.

    Peoples wit teh gunz, wit or witout the Belgian passports, kill people.

    In any event, Belgian passports are IMPOSSIBLE to get if you're a U.S. citizen. Guns, otoh (especially in places like Texas) no problemo. I wonder if the gun that Sheran Wilde used to commit suicide was confiscated, or if there was an investigation as to where she obtained it.

  3. 1. I oppose hate crimes laws in general. They criminalize motive, but that allows the government in tell us what's right and wrong to want or to think. Actions are right or wrong, but thoughts and desires just are. The younger man has had a lot of death in his family, for example, so in his case, revenge is the likely motive.

    2. The younger man looks to be at least part Asian or Native American. If that's correct, this will be more complicated than a simple case of white on black. Since Democommie likes more information, have a look at the conflict in the Cherokee nation about what constitutes a Cherokee. The descendants of freed slaves within Cherokee territory consider themselves Cherokee, but some ethnic Cherokees disagree.

    3. There's also no word on whether the older man was a convert to radical Islam, was targetting abortion rights advocates, was someone who routinely refused to recycle aluminum cans, and so on. Why would you imagine that he had a carry license?

  4. Texas Colt carryApril 9, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    You could probably get a Belgian passport in Texas easier than you could get guns here.

  5. It's encouraging to see injuns are racists, too, not just white people. I'm still waiting for a slanty-eyed chink to kill a naygur so the commie here can spew some hatred toward that race, too.
    orlin sellers

  6. This just in: England is half Cherokee, and his father was murdered by a black man. That doesn't excuse his crimes, but it does make this look more like revenge than a philosophical offense.

    1. This just in: easy access to guns by unfit individuals is now recognized as part of the problem.

    2. Recognized by you, but we knew that already.