Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indiana Gun Sales Skyrocketing

What is causing this? Some gun store owners say it is a lingering concern over a perceived push by President Obama for tougher gun control laws – particularly as he campaigns for reelection – even though Obama has been largely silent on the issue of gun control.

But experts say the popularity of TV reality shows such as “Top Shot” and “Sons of Guns” also likely plays a role.
We all know many gun owners are shaking in their boots about Obama's second term. For this we can thank Wayne La Pierre. But do you think these new popular TV shows are partly responsible? Isn't it possible that shows like these give many people the idea that guns are cool and fun, people who otherwise might not have felt that way?

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  1. There's something wrong with this? But you do keep telling us that the idea of first-time gun buyers on the rise is false, despite repeated evidence to the contrary. The more people who buy guns and favor guns in polls and elections, the better the country will be.

  2. Mike- I have seen a little of Sons of Guns. It might be a cause. Top Shot on the other hand, I doubt it. I love that show. It is about expert marksmanship. Different accuracy competitions, with different weapons. I don't think a show like that would cause a surge in gun sales. Another thing to factor in that CBS didn't. Freddy Bear Sports recently closed in Lansing, Il. Lansing is on the Illinois, Indiana border. A lot of first time gun buyers might be from Illinois.