Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Accidental Self-Inflicted Shooting in Michigan - No Charges

M Live reports

The Saginaw Police Department responded to a report of a shooting on the 1000 block of Webster that they believe was an accidental and self-inflicted, police said. 

Saginaw Police Department Detective Sgt. Joseph Dutoi said police believe the shooting was accidental and self-inflicted, though details of the victim's condition were not immediately available.
Hopefully he's not injured too seriously, that way he can get right back to mis-handling his guns. Next time maybe it'll be serious enough for some action to be taken.

It's a damn shame that someone has to be killed or hurt before these "accidents" are taken seriously, and even then sometimes they're not.

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  1. In your view, it is a damned shame that we can't charge someone with a crime and convict him until he's actually committed a crime. That's what you're saying. Having an accident, especially when the only victim is the person himself, isn't typically seen as a crime, except in your delusions. But you're always on a quest to remove gun rights wherever your feelings direct.

    1. Mis-use of a firearm should be a felony.

    2. and that's regardless of where the bullet ends up, in the wall or in a kid's lung.

    3. You can't see the difference between a child and a wall? Fortunately, the rest of us can.

    4. Is there a difference between someone who blows through a red light and someone who blows through a red light and kills a pedestrian?

      The thing about the 4 rules is that you have to break multiple rules in order for someone to get hurt. So you don’t think it should be a different for someone who NDs but maintained muzzle awareness? What if that mis-use happened at the range and the bullet ended up buried in the backstop with all the other bullets? Felony?

    5. You're right about one thing, not all negligent discharges are alike. But that doesn't solely depend on the end result.