Saturday, June 9, 2012

Is It Sufficient to Simply Remind Gun Owners to be Safe?

via Ammoland where they believe enough gun owners are actually going to take this stuff seriously that the problem will be solved.

My opinion is this kind of self-correction is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't reach the ones who really need it.  That's why gun owners need to be constrained by law to do these things. Too many ignore these common sense suggestions and when caught doing so there needs to be legislation in place with which to charge them.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. How about bloggers get constrained by law from saying inane things? Laws rarely reach the people who really need it, either. The best that the law can do is punish those who do actual, not imaginary, wrong. Otherwise, the law is just tyranny.

  2. You may think more laws will help, but one thing for certain is that the grass roots safety preaching from inside the culture has had a major positive impact on reducing gun accidents.

    1. So you say, but you would, wouldn't you. I don't see it. If there has been improvement it's been more than offset by the sheer numbers of guns out there, which as you keep reminding us is increasing.

  3. The rules presented in this video are, of course, a lawyerly lot of verbage. I'll take Jeff Cooper's Four Rules. For example, never enter a building with a loaded firearm? My carry guns are loaded wherever I go with them. Unload a gun when it's not in use? My self defense guns are always in use. Don't make alterations to a firearm? Please, many of us enjoy tinkering with specific models. The list of silliness goes on.

    As I said, give me Jeff Cooper's rules.

  4. "Man in Southern NJ sentenced to 25 years for improper use of ladder and reckless endangerment. Joe Public employed a 25 foot ladder without 1st reading and heeding the warning labels. He placed it upside down and backwards. Upon climbing the ladder the ladder slipped out from under him falling on top of his wife (who was standing under the ladder) injuring her." - Makes perfect sense to me (sarcasm). PS: I made this up but ladder accidents do happen and FAR outnumber gun accidents. BAN LADDERS.