Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cenk on "Stop and Frisk" and the Marijuana Laws


  1. I've been on the record for years about legalizing drugs. I do have to challenge the claim that "everyone is smoking weed." Not everyone. Still, if we stopped attempts at prohibition (in all areas), we'd have more time and resources to spend on the real problems.

  2. Randolphus MaximusJune 6, 2012 at 7:54 PM

    The basic problem is that the same faulty reasoning that people use to ban guns is also applied in banning drugs. Drugs, just like guns, are inanimate objects, and can do a lot of damage if misused. They can also help people as well (the medical benefits of marijuana are well documented). Would everyone start smoking weed, doing cocaine, or shooting up heroin if the war on drugs went away tomorrow? Of course not, just like there hasn't been the bloodbath that all the gun-ban types predicted there would be since the movement for shall-issue and constitutional carry legislation has made its way around the country.

    IMO - the drug war, just like every other war the Feds haven't declared, is a fraud. Whether it's the war on poverty, the war on drugs, or the war on terror. All are just a pretext to take our lives, our freedom, and our property.

    1. It's also all about the money.

    2. Comparing gun control to the war on drugs is silly. Gun control seeks to CONTROL firearms and ensure that users are qualified. The war on drugs has make drugs illegal to use and sell.

      This faulty comparison is a typical attempt on the pro-gun side to exaggerate out intentions. No one on the gun control side wants to make guns illegal to use and sell, but that's what you seem to be arguing against.

    3. "No one on the gun control side wants to make guns illegal to use and sell. . ."

      You're going to cause me to have a stroke from laughing so much, Mikeb. Please. Your side wants bans on one thing after another. When that doesn't do the job, you ask for more bans. You also want restrictions that would be so tight as to allow only a few people to own a gun. You want a may-issue licensing system that would allow only connected people to carry a gun.

      In other words, you want guns treated like Schedule II drugs. No thank you.