Monday, June 4, 2012

Arizona Man Shoots at Police Helicopter and Threatens Suicide

AZ Central reports on another lawful gun owner gone bad.

An ambulance employee was arrested on suspicion of firing shots toward a police helicopter Thursday night and stealing his wife's police car and gun.

Ronald McCown, 30, was pointing the gun at his head and threatening suicide during an argument with his wife at their home in Mesa, police said. When his wife called 911, McCown left in her police car.

As he was driving away, he saw a police helicopter overhead and headed back home. Once he arrived, McCown got out of his vehicle and fired four or five shots in the air. 

He said he did not know where the light was coming from and fired out of frustration.

McCown's wife, a Gila River Indian Community police employee, was still at the house when she heard gunshots, police said.
What's your opinion? Is something wrong with Arizona, I mean besides the lax gun laws? They seem to have more than their share of stories.

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  1. Where does it even say this guy is a gunowner? It says he stole his wife’s police issued gun.

    1. I'm taking a guess. What would yours be that he was NOT a gun owner.

  2. Exactly, the blame should be put on the wife not properly securing her duty weapon...