Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Arizona Car Jacking Suicide

Mediaite has all the videos, the graphic one and the Fox apology ones.

A long car chase through rural Arizona just aired on Fox News and ended tragically with the suicide of the carjacker.

Fox had been following the pursuit since a little before 3:00 p.m. ET, as the red vehicle weaved at speeds of 110 mph on an Arizona freeway and then on a dirt road west of Tonopah.
After pulling over in the middle of nowhere, the criminal slowly emerged from the car and looked disoriented. Smith continuously noted that he was “nervous” and had a bad feeling about what was happening, and he did not see this ending well.

The man then left his vehicle and ran out into an open field before pulling out a gun and shooting himself on live television. Host Shepard Smith yelled at the show’s crew to “get off” the video immediately, before the network cut to commercial break.
After all the fake violence on TV and in the movies, doesn't it seem a bit strange to have such a strong reaction to this? The helicopter video was not even close enough to really capture the details.

We've seen Pulitzer Prize winning pictures of a little Vietnamese girl burning with Napalm and Buddhist monks immolating themselves. All of a sudden, we can't see this suicide?

Maybe seeing a bit more of the graphic details would help people who are not directly involved to understand how damaging gun violence is. Maybe it would help them snap out of their lethargy. 

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  1. Or could it be that people would see a man who made a number of bad choices and came to a predictable end?