Friday, October 5, 2012

Lawful Houston Gun Owner Gets Away with Illegal Shooting

The Houston Chronicle reports

A man told Harris County sheriff's deputies he saw someone breaking into his car about 6 p.m. on Thursday outside a shooting range.

The owner told deputies he fired at least four shots at the stranger because it appeared he had a weapon in his hand, authorities said.

He fired at least two more shots when the burglar fled in a waiting Chrysler sedan. The man told deputies he may have struck the back window, officials said.

Whether the stranger was hit was unclear. They did not have a detailed description of him, sheriff's deputies said.
First of all, it sounds like bullshit that he thought he saw a weapon in the burglar's hand. People breaking into cars are usually not armed unless you count one of those metal strips they use to pop the locks.

So the first four shots were criminal acts.  Then, shooting two more times at a fleeing car is just unbelievable. That is extremely irresponsible behavior with a  gun.

The shooter should have been arrested, but you know what, in Texas that just don't happen.

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  1. You toss out words like "lawful" and "illegal" without any reference to reality. The story says that the police are investigating. If they thought that the shooter had committed a crime, they'd have arrested him on the spot. That may yet happen. But apparently, there's no evidence for the shooter having broken a law at the moment.

    1. Exactly. Too many times on this site shootings are described as legal gun owners getting away with murder. In the stories I've read, police investigate the shooting or a grand jury looks at the evidence and decides whether the shooter should be charged.

      As far as TX gun laws go, Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth and San Antonio have lower homicide rates than Chicago. You'd think with Texas awash with guns and itchy trigger fingers, you'd see the opposite.

    2. And yet, I don't want a facility like this, or people shooting at someone in parking lots to take place anywhere near where I shop or live.

      WHAT in hell is in his car worth killing someone over?

      And before you throw out your silly 8 year old goblin term, remember that man who just shot his own son to death allegedly breaking into his aunt's house.

      Something tells me he wouldn't agree with you that his son was a goblin. If they're not a goblin when they're a member of your immediate family that you love, but they are the member of someone else's family or friend, they're a human being, not a goblin.

      Idiots are a menace to everyone around them. If he didn't see the guy clearly enough to give a description, he damned well didn't see him clearly enough to shoot at him multiple times --- least of all when he was LEAVING, and no longer a threat.

    3. What in hell in someone's property is worth standing up for? Everything. Cars and businesses and homes are a huge part of a person's life. Tell us this, Dog Gone: Why do you work so hard to defend thieves?

    4. Tom, those investigations are often cursory white-wash jobs. You have to be as stupid as Jerome Ersland and do your killing under the video camera to be charged. Otherwisw, who's to say, the dead guy?