Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eminem - Paul Rosenberg Skit


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    1. Hey , "Laci" you don't exactly post here frequently anymore.

      What happened? Did they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience?

  2. Twenty-five seconds out of context. I can take my handgun out of my home, since I leave in a reasonable state, and I don't shoot it randomly.

    Pooch calls it good advice, but that's because he doesn't trust good citizens.

    1. Better advice would be to lack the option to leave one's domicile armed.

      But that is a question for society to answer.

    2. E.N., our society has answered that question. Since the 1980s, more and more states have gone to shall-issue laws with regard to concealed carry, and some have become Constitutional-carry states. Only a handful require a license to own firearms.

      Your view is failing as tyranny falls around the world. Mine is winning.

    3. The system most states had (that is the prohibition of concealed weapons in public) in place since the early days of the republic failed because it provided the option to carry illegally. Handguns, although (previously) required to be maintained within the boundaries of the domicile, where generally available to the mere citizen, therefore providing the opportunity to unlawfully carry.

    4. Ain't it a shame when the government can't completely control the people? In my view, that's a good thing, but I can see why you hate it. Your phrase, mere citizen, tells me everything that I need to know about your view. But notice how you failed to address my point? American society has chosen its own way.

    5. "American society has chosen it's own way."

      For now.

      A global economy, a global community (internet), and global crisis (economic, global warming, terrorist activity)

      But what is missing here?

      A government.

    6. Notice how the Arms Trade Treaty got shot down? Do you really think that Americans will give up their rights and their sovereignty to be a part of some world government? Molon labe, Blue Helmet.