Monday, October 1, 2012

Kansas Senate Says "No" to Guns on Campus

Local news reports
In Kansas, concealed carry laws prohibit people from bringing any firearm or weapon into a public building, which includes every building on K-State’s campus. 

Recently, a bill was presented before the Kansas Senate that contained a proposal forbidding “no firearms allowed” signs on public buildings unless there is some kind of visible security. If the bill would have passed, the security in place would have monitored and prohibited every potential weapon entering the building; however, the bill the Senate did not pass it.
Although the state of Kansas has not shown any inclination toward giving people with concealed carry licenses the ability to carry on college campuses, other states have done so.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures website, “Five states now have provisions allowing the carrying of concealed weapons on public postsecondary campuses.  These states are Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin.”
Why is this such a hard win for the gun-rights movement? If their argument were as good as they say it is, why do states like Kansas and 45 others say no guns on campus?

Some of the states that say this are very gun-friendly.  What gives?

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  1. "Why is this such a hard win for the gun-rights movement?"

    Three reasons:
    (1) Politicians outnumber statesmen in office.
    (2) Citizen's have very short attention spans.
    (3) Many citizens are ignorant of facts.

    If it isn't obvious, reason number (2) is the primary cause of reason number (3).

    Oh, and if it isn't obvious, those same three reasons are responsible for most (but certainly not all) of our problems in this country.

  2. No idea. You would think that people would be smart enough to look at those five states that no longer criminalize concealed carry at college. How many times have students with concealed carry licenses "snapped" and shot up a classroom or professor in those states? That would be a big, fat, ZERO ... which would normally be a failing grade in academia but represents passing with flying colors in this case.

  3. Why is this such a hard win for the gun-rights movement?

    Nothing is going to happen over night, but one day, the rest of the US will fall in line with the gun rights community and realize that guns aren't the problem. Sometimes we take baby steps, sometimes we make leaps and bounds. Mark my words, the NFA and the Gun Control Act will be changed.

    1. Bill, you know that's not gonna happen. If, under this president and with this Supreme Court, it hasn't happened already, forget about it. You're already peaked out.

    2. Gun control peaked in the 90s and is dying an operatic diva's death.

  4. The problem here is that many people feel without thinking. Politicians listen to those people. The facts and logic support allowing carry license holders to bring their handguns with them onto campus, but that doesn't feel good to many, and to control freaks, it's the horror of trusting citizens.