Thursday, October 4, 2012

Defense Distributed - The Wiki Weapon


  1. Excellent. Looking at their website, I see that many of them have attended Arkansas colleges and live in the area. I let them know that I'd love to help.

    The chief difficulty will be in finding materials that can withstand the pressures of a firing cartridge. The chamber and the barrel may still have to be steel. The barrel also needs rifling for accuracy at a distance, and I wonder if a 3-D printer can create that.

    The philosophy behind it is beautiful. The idea here is to spread power to the most people possible. Control freaks must hate this.

    1. Greg, I agree with you, we don't need gun control.

      We need thought control.

      Mike, You need to do something on this

      I assure you, this takes everything to an entirely new level.

      Not a machinegun under federal or any state law that I know of.

      Here are more videos

      Some from "Hickok 45" (a formidable crazy in himself)

      And this one...........................

    2. Thought control? E.N., the more you talk, the worse you sound.

    3. Yeah, those Slide Fire stocks are great. I'm too cheap to buy one, so I made one for my AK with a piece of flat bar and an adjustable stock. It makes it a lot easy to spray a lot of bullets over a wide area. I need to make one for my AR, too. The mags are easier to change on the AR. You know, for when that evil black rifle causes me to go on a rampage.

  2. Don't get too excited about this, Greg.
    orlin sellers

  3. You would think this is beautiful, Greg, since you have espoused suicide as a "right."

    Even the most conservative of gun owners would agree that not everyone who could afford a 3D printer should be able to own a gun. Having the money to buy a printer and the ability to download designs can conveniently get around that little inconvenience of a background check. But then, you would disagree, wouldn't you? I guess you feel felons, mentally ill, domestic abusers, and children have the "right" to own guns, too.

    I argue that the guy doing this 3D printing is, himself, mentally ill and may very well be breaking the law if he prints a working gun.

    1. Oregonian, you're more concerned about questionable citizens than about government. I'm the opposite. I'm concerned about a government that has a hand in everything. The idea that everyone someday can manufacture a gun at home in a few hours is a part of the trend of distributed power. We all are made better for it.

      I do have to wonder--why to you trust government, but fear citizens?