Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rep. Broun: Evolution, Embryology, Big Bang Theory Are "Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell"

via Notions Capital 

He's from one a them hillbilly states. Who'da thunk it?

I'll bet he loves guns too.  What do you think?


  1. Guess who else is a Georgian. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jimmy Carter. Yup, hillbillies...

    But here's a news flash for you, Mikeb. I accept the scientific evidence for the Big Bang, for evolution by natural selection, for embryology (whatever his point was there), and for global warming. I'm not a Christian, although there are many Christians who accept science as well. I also love guns.

    But shall we start in on Italians? Hell is full of them, according to Dante.


    1. It is the constitutionally (and internationally) demanded duty of the State to protect the public from dangerous religious cults, regardless of whether they happen to be radical cristian, falun gong, or any other politically motivated superstition which only exist to propagate war and chaos.

      Anyone who attempts to misconstrue the above statement to apply to any manifestly nonviolent organisation, which recognizes the authority of the State (whatever jurisdiction it may be), serves to exemplify the depraved and nefarious deception which the neo-anarchist (those who promote, disseminate, sympathize, patronize, or engage in anti-government propaganda, civilian armament, cultist activity, politically motivated violence, the subversive promotion of obsolete and dangerous "redneck" culture, or who otherwise deviously impede social progress) individuals and organizations employ in order to achieve their malicious and destructive ends.

      See the commentator above for a gratuitously porcine example of such a neo-anarchist, of the "redneck" variety.

    2. E.N. now shows us that he's against freedom of religion as well. Everyone who's shocked please raise your hand.

      But E.N., why don't you explain how anything that I said in my comment above is gratuitously porcine, neo-anarchist, or redneck. You left out jackbooted capitalist octopus--is that no longer the official verbiage of the Communist Party?

  2. Italy is home to the KINGS of baby rapers.

    You live in Italy, dontcha Mikeb?

  3. I didn't bother to watch the video so I cannot say whether or not I agree with that person. Based on the title, I can tell you that the Big Bang theory is a monumental failure for simple reasons of basic physics.

    One huge failure of the theory: the existence of rocky planets like Earth. Astrophysicists tell us that "clouds" of heavy elements (like silicon, iron, uranium) were just sitting in space and then clumped together until a planet like Earth exists. That sounds great but there is a huge problem: it is impossible for a "cloud" of heavy elements to be sitting in space.

    That's because Astrophysicists also tell us that stars are the only source of heavy elements. Stars start out as big blobs of hydrogen and proceed to make heavier and heavier elements in their cores until they explode in super novas and shoot all that material in every direction at millions of miles per hour. The problem is that there is no way to slow down that material and stop it from spreading. Thus there would be no "clouds" of heavy elements to form rocky planets like Earth.

    This is a simple failure of the Big Bang theory that has nothing to do with religion. There are similar, simple failures to evolution as well.

    1. Gravity is what slows down the spread of heavy elements. There are planets around pulsars, for example. They had to have formed after the star exploded. That's a case of gravity pulling matter back together after being violently ejected.

    2. Gravity doesn't help when matter ejects at super nova velocities. A good example is the Crab Nebula. Observers on Earth actually saw the super nova in 1054. In less than 1000 years, the nebula is already light years in diameter. And yet the density of the matter is effectively zero -- better than any vacuum that anyone can make on Earth. That material is too spread out and moving apart to quickly to somehow collapse or coalesce into anything.

      What is really amazing is that Astronomers have actually measured expansion of the nebula. They compared photo plates from around 1900 to recent photos and they can actually see how the nebula has expanded.