Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gun Shops Making Theft Easy

A Marysville gun shop was broken into and 15 handguns and hundreds of dollars were stolen early this morning, state police out of Newport say.

A window of the West Shore Gun Shop, in the 200 block of Verbeke Street in Marysville, was broken with a brick around 3:45 a.m., police say, and 15 handguns were stolen from display cases and $400 to $500 was taken from the cash register. Police say an alarm in the building was tripped and the burglars fled the scene.

State police arrived on the scene minutes after the alarm went off, but were unable to find any suspects.
A brick through a window is all it took. Why do you think jewelry stores and banks put their merchandise and cash away at night? Why do you think jewelry stores and banks don't allow a simple pane of glass to be the only barrier between them and the thieves? Why can't gun shops be required to take some of the same common-sense precautions? And finally, why is my questioning these things considered blaming the victims?

Any ideas? Please leave a comment.


  1. Now that's a very dangerous trend that's unfolding. The armory shops should take special precautions, so that their wares do not fall into wrong hands.

  2. Yesiree, Gun Holsters.

    Let me ask you this. Someone recently said that criminals don't use proper holsters like the law abiding gun owners. Is that your understanding? I would think your products would benefit criminals as well as the law-abiding. What do you think?