Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gunloons on Dope

Real Mugshot
Oregon soon will see gunfights over Cheetos:
A retired school bus driver, Willis volunteers at a Medford smoke shop that helps medical marijuana patients find growers, and teaches how to get the most medical benefit out of the pound-and-a-half of pot that card carriers are allowed to possess. She believes that her marijuana oils, cookies and joints should be treated no differently than any other prescribed medicines. She said she doesn't use them when she plans to drive, or carry her gun.


  1. "Gunloons on Dope"

    Nice - you managed to viciously attack prepared citizens AND sick citizens in one slick phrase!

    How about we divide all of the states into two parts, cities and rural parts. The folks in the city can have their lives dictated by the state. You will jump when you are told to jump just like your little fascist heart desires, and the rest of us will jump when we want to jump, if we want to jump, when we want to. Sound good? You'll have all the gun control, fascism, totalitarianism, and as big a police state as you can grow before your cities implode and burn to the ground, and the rest of us will have all the life, liberty, and property we want. Whatcha say?

  2. Anonymous, it doesn't matter where you live, guns in the wrong hands are a problem. And there's too much of that going around.

  3. " Oregon soon will see gunfights over Cheetos:"

    I'm still waiting for the gun fights over parking spaces and fender benders.

  4. AztecRed, Take you head out of the sand and read the news. There are too many guns in the wrong hands and if you had your way it would only increase.