Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More on the Gun flow from Virginia to New Jersey

We've heard about this case before. Now we get some more info from Mr. Beasley.

The leader of a gunrunning crew responsible for putting at least 50 weapons into the hands of city gangsters -- including the gun that killed 13-year-old Tamrah Leonard at a city block party in 2009 -- pleaded guilty yesterday.

Beasley admitted before Superior Court Judge Pedro Jimenez that he purchased guns in his childhood state of Virginia and sold them to drug dealers and gang members in Trenton.

He was certainly an enterprising young man.  In the report last year it said he liked to deal in revolvers becuase they didn't leave spent cartridges all over the place.  That's smart.

"Seventy-five percent of the crime guns in New Jersey come from out of state, and Virginia is the second biggest source state," state Director of Criminal Justice Stephen J. Taylor said. "Trayle Beasley is precisely the type of defendant we are seeking to take off the street through our efforts to fight illicit gun trafficking."
Don't you just love it when they talk percentages like that? I do.

What's your opinion? Do you think the gun laws are too lax in Virginia? I do.

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  1. Meanwhile in the merry ole control paradise of the UK

    Dead as a doornail..... with an illegal gun

  2. Probably bought the gun in VA I guess.

  3. My truck has a pink slip. That tells the CA DMV that I am the legal owner of this vehicle. If I sell my truck, there is a legal protocol for transfer of ownership and a proper bill of sale. The new owner then gets a pink slip issued in his or her name. No one can legally drive a vehicle anywhere in the U.S.A. without proper proof of registration displayed and available on demand. The same thing applies to vessels.

    Let's take it a step further than that since guns are manufactured solely for the purpose of killing people or in some cases, animals. Let's take a cue from Toyota. Let's say that a certain gentleman in Chicago is concerned that his wife's Lexus may need a new fuel pump, brake pads or perhaps a new radiator in the next 12-24 months. Toyota is not going to send him replacement parts just to have on hand in case of an emergency. Toyota is requiring the VIN of any Toyota vehicle that needs a replacement part before said part can be delivered.

    Let's say that instead of some fuckhead corporation like Smith and Wesson or Gluck manufacturing thousands of weapons and stocking them in gun stores across the country trying to sell as many weapons as possible, it works something more like this.

    John Everyman of Rapid City South Dakota needs a new hunting rifle. He would then place a special order to the company of his choice. That weapon would be made to order just for him or maybe pulled from a very small inventory of popular weapons. It would be illegal for the manufacturer to build more than a specified number of weapons ahead of qualified orders, simply to have on hand and try to sell. If Mr. Landis sold that gun to someone else, there would be the equivalent of a pink slip that transferred legal title and registration of that particular weapon to a new owner. Is that the first step towards a repeat of Nazi Germany? Is it a better idea to let unlimited numbers of guns flow to criminals and across borders, whether legally or illegally? God forbid we make any law that inconveniences even one person.

  4. C'mon Flying Junior. What you're talking about is a surefire way to have tyrrany in the US. Once the guns are completely controlled, they will be confiscated. Then the other rights will fall. It'll be disaster, I tell you.

  5. "Let's take it a step further than that since guns are manufactured solely for the purpose of killing people or in some cases, animals."

    Very blatant falsehood. Guns are manufactured mostly for target and sport use. Of all of the guns manufactured, only a very small percentage are used to kill anything.

    There are several million rounds of ammunition manufactured in this country annually and only a few thousand gun deaths. Do the math and you will find that approximately one in a million bullets ever kill anyone.

  6. That's a fair point. Happy shooting bro!

  7. "Guns are manufactured mostly for target and sport use."


    Hunting has been declining for decades and sport shooting has as well.

    In fact, the growth of the NRA as a terrorist organization is directly associated with the firearms industry moving away from the hunting market to the whole self-defense/defense against tyranny market.

  8. OK, Fat White Man, let's say there's a criminal gang member. He gets a gun, goes to the range or into the woods to practice. He does this regularly, firing a total of 5,000 rounds of ammo. Then he kills a rival gang member over a minor slight, one shot to the back of the head.

    You're saying that the ratio of bullets used to kill compared to target shooting is 1/5,000.

    Am I understanding you?

    Say yes and I swear I'll nominate you for Spin Doctor of the Year.

  9. At times I have to shake my head at the logic that comes out of NJ. How a state with issues just tries to blame others instead of working the issue. You do not hear VA whimpering over the drugs coming down I-95 do you? If guns were the issue you would have a similar problem in VA, but it is not there. Maybe, just maybe it is because you do not allow the law abiding to practice self defense. If you allowed law abiding citizens to carry then the criminals would not be so bold. With 2.5 MILLION defensive uses of a firearm in this country every year, Guns SAVE Lives! Google Dr. Gary Kleck and then read the pdf at if you want to learn and not just regurgitate what you have been told. -

  10. News, You've got to be kidding with that Kleck citation. That's been pretty much debunked, haven't you heard. Or' you could just use a little logic and common sense. Ask yourself two questions.

    1. How often do you read about DGUs in the news?

    2. How often do you read about criminal gun violence in the news, some of which is done by the up-till-that-moment law abiding?