Monday, April 25, 2011

Gunloonery Roundup

Ardmore, AL:

Brooks said some adults at at Easter gathering went outside to shoot at a cardboard target set up at the edge of the woods. The group thought the little boy was in the front yard, Brooks said, but he was actually playing in the woods behind the target.
What happened to the traditional egg hunt as opposed to the hunting of children with firearms? 


The authorities said he shot his wife, Amie, in the chest early Saturday morning. Smith's attorney disputed the malicious wounding charge, stating his client didn't intend to shoot anyone but himself.
Don't you hate when you're exercising your God-given, NRA rights to shoot yourself and you pop the wife instead?

According to the Pine County Sheriff’s Department a family member was target shooting outside when the gun malfunctioned.
The person brought the gun inside the house to fix the problem and while attempting to do this the gun went off inside the home striking the 11 year old girl.

Obviously an NRA certified instructor.


 A five year old boy is recovering tonight after being shot by a hunter who thought the little boy was a turkey.
A turkey? 


  1. Alabama: Most parents I know don't ever let kids be by themselves or even out of their sight for more than a quick moment. Target shooting without knowing the child's exact whereabouts would be like putting a plastic bag over the child's head and throwing him or her into a pool.

    West Virginia: I guess the lawyer will be paid no matter the verdict.

    Minnesota: Wouldn't it make sense to unload the gun before attempting a repair?

    Wisconsin: A turkey? Maybe the only Wild Turkey was in the shooter's bloodstream.

  2. Karen Woods, killed in her own backyard in Maine, by a deer hunter who says to this day that he knows he shot a deer. He thinks somebody else shot her.

    The only people who do bad things with guns are bad people. Got it.

  3. I don't know. I've been thinking about a venn diagram which shows that theres a large gray area of not-so-bad people who do bad things with guns.

    I think I'll put it together now.