Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Philadelphia Exports Trouble to New Jersey

Philly.com reports on how out-of-state thugs give New Jersey a bad name.

A shooting at an Egg Harbor Township motel led to the arrests of two Philadelphia men and the victim, a South Carolina man wanted in a slaying in his home state.

Egg Harbor Township police responded to the motel around 12:30 p.m. Saturday and found Deonte Nathan Williams, 26, of Florence, S.C., wounded in the right arm. Police later learned he was wanted on a fugitive warrant.

The alleged shooter, Christopher J. Robinson, 19, was arrested at the motel. Darius Covington, 21, ran off but was captured an hour later.

Robinson and Covington face charges that include aggravated assault. All three men remained in the Atlantic County Jail on Sunday.
It's not just about the guns that come over from PA, it's the gun owners. Those inanimate objects wouldn't do any harm at all if it weren't for their flawed owners. And you can bet when those flawed young men want to get guns they don't come over to NJ to do it. Their counterparts in Camden and Trenton hop over to The Keystone State to arm up, but there's no reciprocal activity.

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  1. How does one "give" New Jersey a bad name? I think New Jersey itself has a monopoly on that . . .