Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Al Capone's Gun

The New York Post reports on the upcoming Christie's auction of Al Capone's gun. It's expected to fetch $100,000.

What do you think about that? Are we obsessed with guns or what?  I guess you could say we have "enthusiasms."

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  1. People collect a lot of things when they have the disposable income to do it.

    A registered machinegun complete with $200 tax stamp can be as low as $10 - 25,000. People buys old tanks, artillery, and even decommissioned Migs.

    My Dad collects old watches. He wears a pocket watch once owned by Governor John Fremont. Bought at auction for $10,000.

    The wife and I collect 1st edition hardback books. My last acquisition was a Herzog which ranged in the thousands of dollars. I have an environmentally controlled book case filled with such books.

    Same goes with signed limited edition prints. While not paintings, many go up in value once the artist is dead.

    My point is there is a market for a lot of things. Famous guns are just 1 niche. And so what if its a gun? Probably will just sit in some person's safe or donated to the National Firearm's Museum.

    Many things are bought as investments.