Thursday, June 23, 2011

Call 911 If You See Anyone Not In Uniform With A Gun.

It's sage advice from two perspectives.

First, you're likely preventing/mitigating a crime.
Second, it's the activist thing to do.


  1. I certainly would, unless it was obviously someone off to go hunting and it was a hunting rifle, or was in some obvious context (like next to a shooting range).

    Without such a context, it's best to let the cops sort it out.

  2. Really? You are willing to waste that much valuable police resources for your “activist” cause? Let me ask you this, do you practice what you preach? How many times have you called 911 on carriers?

  3. Nothing like wasting the valuable time of the police. Or having police stop and question off duty police and/or CCW holders.

    Unless they look like gang-bangers, you'll get a laugh from the police in many states and find you've been hung up on. Seriously, I'm not joking.

    You do realize that such behavior is exactly why a number of states are adopting laws which protect citizens who occasionally have their gun exposed (without malicious intent to brandish). For example, reaching for something high up when in a store, or moving a handgun from one's car trunk to holster (Like at the Post Office/DMV).

    And that becomes the consequence of said activist behavior. Once protection is in place there will be even less reason to make sure one's 'hog leg' remains hidden. Nice job!

  4. Do you recommend this even in open carry states? What is the reasoning? Isn't it a crime to abuse 911? Do you call 911 to report people speeding? At least then you know they are actually breaking the law and not just might be breaking the law.

  5. Jim, it is an abuse of 911 if you call because you think they shorted you on french fries at the McDonald's drive thru window.

    It is not an abuse of 911 if you have a legitimate concern over a weapon being legal, because a weapon IS potentially dangerous......while too few french fries is probably safer for you (at least from a health standpoint).

  6. Sorry, but use of 911 is to report emergencies. Seeing a gun is not an emergency on its own.

  7. Thankfully, most states realize that the mere sight of a holstered gun is not reasonable grounds for a law enforcement stop.

    And tell us why you do not call if someone has a uniform? Is their gun inherently safer because their clothes are manufactured and sold at the same supplier? Is their badge a magic talisman that makes their gun safer than mine is?

    As far as your "activism" you are on record now in claiming that you willfully file false police reports for the sake of a different political view.

    Good luck with that. I just hope your false call does not cost someone their life. And they will put you in jail for that you know?

  8. Dog gone: “It is not an abuse of 911 if you have a legitimate concern over a weapon being legal…”

    But in an open carry state, where is the legitimate concern? In fact, you’d have to assume the weapon/individual is legal otherwise they would conceal it. I think Jade is also talking about “sneak peaks” at concealed weapons or outlines in clothing as well. He is talking about calling the cops on you too, Dog gone.

    So how many times have you called the cops, Jade, and how has it worked out for you? By the way, I think you should do this as much as possible, and continue to spread the word for others to do this as well. Right now it doesn’t happen enough, so police actually respond to these types of calls. If it gets to the point of wasting a serious amount of resource (and therefore hindering real crime prevention), then something will have to be done in terms of a public education/acceptance campaign. Plus you “activists” will be getting tongue lashings from responding officers. That will be fun.

  9. Hell of a good idea. I want the badges to check out people with guns over the valuable time spent with false alarms,there's a bear,stupid drunks,lost phone,suspicious whatever the list goes laughably on.

    Yea - damn good idea.

  10. Someone sees a gun under any circumstances and they do not feel comfortable with it or the situation and make the decision and make the call they have every right to do so.

    I call bullshit!

  11. I would probably mind my own business. But, this brings up one of the problems with carrying guns, both open carry and concealed. Some bad guys can do it and blend in. The more acceptable this silly behaviour becomes, the more abuse there'll be.

  12. MikeB,

    What you guys forget, or conveniently ignore, is that criminals already carry guns.

  13. Mike:

    How do you know that the person with the gun is not a plainclothes policeman or an undercover cop? Do you recommend asking him if he is a cop?

  14. jerryofva, I suppose we could do what Jadegold suggested, call 911 and let the cops sort it out.

    FWM, I'm not conveniently forgetting anything. The criminals, who get their guns from you law-abiding guys, already carry guns, fine. I say adding a bunch of under-trained and under-prepared legal gun carriers to the mix does more harm than good.