Sunday, June 19, 2011

Christie and Ailes Not-so-strange Bedfellows

via Gawker from Norwegianity who questioned how this could not be illegal.

The office of Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is claiming that Fox News chairman Roger Ailes is a confidential adviser whose interactions with the governor should remain secret under New Jersey's executive privilege.

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  1. Well, they have so much in common:

    1.) They're both GOP.

    2.) They're both lying sacks of shit.

    3.) They both know that the rules that they want to force on the rest of MurKKKa do not apply to them.

    I was ROFLMAO when I heard that Christie is so fucking stupid he used a state police helicopter to get to one of his son's ballgame. It's not as if the idiot has instilled a lot of esprit in the rank and file state employees. He should be glad that his pilot wasn't as unpopular as he is or the landing might have been at much higher speed.

    KKKrazzeefuck Roger Ailes and his wife have retired to upstate NY and bought a couple of local newspapers. It appears that there has been some friction in the editorial office.

  2. What's with the creepy smile and the interlaced pinkies? He looks like he's gleefully plotting someone's demise. "I will crush you between my fat little fingers."

  3. Roger is the puppeteer. Chris is the puppet.