Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Danger of Gun Shows

via the Truth About Guns where I was interested to see this following comment by Old Slo Biker.
I used to attend the gun shows at that venue pretty regularly, and this is the third incident like this they have had there that I know of. One of the reasons this show nearly ceased to be was the venue’s insistence on high table rentals and admission prices to pay for increased insurance and security. With things like this happening, I see there reasoning.
So besides being the go-to place for terrorists and murderers to arm up, the chances of being shot by accident are too high to ignore. Sounds like a lotta fun.

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  1. Why didn't the rest of the armed and polite gunzownerz attending the show put those two idiots down like the dogs that they are? I mean VIOLATING the four rules, I thought that got you exiled from the tribe. Or is that only when it makes the news?

  2. "So besides being the go-to place for terrorists and murderers to arm up..."

    I guess if you spread a lie enough someone will believe it.

  3. Things I like:

    Dog shows.

    Electric train exhibitions.

    Minerals and precious stones.

    Rare musical instruments.

    Cultural artifacts.


    Livestock shows.

    Pig races.

    Bull judging.

    Equestrian events.

    Old tools.

    Gun shows? Why?

  4. moderationPleaseJune 25, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    Um, facts please? Would it be possible for some evidence to be cited explaining why you believe that gun shows are "the go-to place for terrorists and murderers to arm up"? I've been to several gun shows, and I've never seen or meet anyone who was shopping around for Saturday Night Specials.

  5. You want facts? Sorry I don't deal in facts. Instead I ask you to think and use a little honesty and common sense. i know that's hard for some folks who insist on "facts."

    If you were a convicted felon where would you go to get a gun, presuming you wanted one?

    I would arrange a private sale from someone I knew or was recommended to, or I'd go to the local gun show.

    You know why? Because the gun show is the go-to place for terrorists and murderers to arm up.