Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Court Money Can Buy

via Democratic Underground

I say throw the bum out.  I question the validity of decisions like Heller and McDonald which were decided by the slimmest of margins, one vote, when one of those votes came from a man like this.


  1. I agree, the Justices on the Supreme Court should be held to the same code of conduct as other judges regarding conflicts of interest.

    And if you want questionable, guess who was given the 2007 WFSA sport shooting ambassador award by convicted felon Alan Gottleib?

  2. Congratulations! You won again. Texas Governor Perry signed the parking lot bill into law yesterday. Now someone is sure to file suit to block it so you WIN.

  3. HARTMAN: Upside down. Honest to goodness, I am not making this up. You can go to and see it. [In reality, it's] The Satanic stars are now the official logo of the Republican party and have been ever since George Bush came into power, and still are, and these guys are still promoting what I think many people who are into that kind of thing would describe as a Satanic agenda. Paul, thanks a lot for the call. Boy, that one's gonna make a few conservative heads explode.

  4. In 1984 Gottlieb was convicted of tax fraud and spent 8 months in a work release program.[2][3] As a convicted felon, Gottlieb forfeited his right to own guns, but he regained that right in 1985 under a federal law allowing individuals of good character to apply for relief from that legal disability.

    Oh my gos he also collects "STAMPS!!!!!!"

  5. I'll put Alan Gottleib's personal character up against a vile, violent bigot like Laci's anyday.

    Of course Laci could never best Gottleib intellectually.

    It's funny, you folks keep on losing and all you can do is bitch & whine about being continually beaten. Guess what? That's what's supposed to happen to bigots. How's it feel?

  6. Anonymous, I've actually had the pleasure of speaking with Laci, and allow me to point out that Laci can easily best you, or Gottlieb intellectually.

    Laci for starters, is too smart to commit a felony, much less be convicted of one.

    Further, I would be comfortable betting specifically, that on any legal topic, including gun law, he is superior in knowledge and reasoning to you, Anon-numbass.

  7. "Laci for starters, is too smart to commit a felony, much less be convicted of one."

    So smart, that by his own words he has had not one, but two negligent discharges of a gun.


  8. I'd be quite comfortable around Laci and firearms.

  9. The anonymous wanker is quoting:

    Well, if Ed will be nice to me.

    This was a 8mm blank firing PPK. While cosmetically like a PPK, it is somewhat different in functioning.

    Particularly the safety (no decocking mechanism and a thing that shields the firing pin).

    I don't know how this went bang short of the safety flying off.

    But, I had followed all the proper precautions.

    Now I am even more careful when handling even blank firing guns.

    I'm not sure what point anon is trying to make here but he feels that a safety flaw in a blank firing gun.

    From what I remember I had cycled the gun several times to make sure there was no round in the chamber, but the gun went off.

    This was a BLANK FIRING GUN that means it is incapable of firing LIVE ammunition. It fires 8mm blanks.


    Can you get that, anonymous ?

    If anything, this story point out that even with the best of care a firearm can discharge and is still a poentially dangerous item.

    So, your point anonymous?

  10. Ed, you are thick. I pulled the slide back three times with the magazine out, more than enough time for a cartridge to eject. I had taken ALL proper precautions to make sure the gun was unloaded.

    The safety on the blank PPK blocks the hammer from dropping.

    It was a blank, but it still scared me s***less.

    I just bought Jim Cirillo's "Guns, Bullets, And Gunfights: Lessons And Tales From A Modern-Day Gunfighter." Cirillo states that you WILL have an accident with a firearm and admits to three such incidents! I have to admit to having a couple of close calls (most recently an unloaded air pistol went off with a pop). I have never has a real round (one blank) been fired.

  11. I'm curious as to why our anonymnous genius has decided that an air gun is a firearm.

    A firearm is a weapon that launches one, or many, projectile(s) at high velocity through confined burning of a propellant.

    An air gun (also air rifle or air pistol) is a rifle, pistol, or shotgun that fires projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to a firearm, which burns a propellant. Most air guns use metallic projectiles as ammunition. Air guns that only use plastic projectiles are classified as airsoft guns.

    Most gun guys think that air guns are too weedy compared to "real guns".

  12. Laci: "I'm curious as to why our anonymnous genius has decided that an air gun is a firearm."

    Actually he just said "gun"- which it is.

  13. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell Satan!!!!! was talking about.

  14. Any idiot can make a videoJune 23, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    You think that a video authored by a dope that thinks that the RNC symbol has hidden message from Satan, makes him a great reference for articles on Clarance Thomas....

    There are plenty of 5-4 decisions (that is what they are by the way not "votes") that have gone the other way and plenty to complain about the SCJ that made them (Ginsburg falls asleep during arguments.... signs of dementia/alzhiemers)