Monday, June 20, 2011

I Am The NRA

Meet State Senator John McGee (R-ID).

John is very proud of his membership in the NRA and often proclaims his fealty to the NRA:
NRA member John, unfortunately, spent Father's Day in the hoosegow:  He was arrested on charges of grand theft and drunken driving after what witnesses said was bizarre behavior and statements early Sunday morning.

Bizarre behavior and statements?  Why, it could be Wayne LaPierre.

Tracey Carleton said her two teenage sons woke her up about 2 a.m. Sunday, saying a drunk man had jack-knifed the neighbor’s Ford Excursion and a 20-foot trailer in their large south Boise yard. The man had wandered around the property, up and down the road and eventually went to sleep in the vehicle’s back seat.
Another vehicle and trailer on the Carleton’s property were damaged along with the neighbor’s Excursion and trailer, she said.

Carleton said her husband, Joe, a volunteer chaplain at the Ada County Jail, went outside to speak with the barefooted man, who said he was looking for the “promised land.” When he saw Tracey Carleton in her white bathrobe on the front porch, he said, “Look there’s an angel,” she said. Then the Carletons called police.

“This man was hallucinating,” Tracey Carleton said. “His legs were cut up. He had some gouges on his leg.”


  1. Do you need a list of all of the MAIG mayors that have been found guilty of felonies?

  2. What's that got to do with it, FWM? It's a proven fact that gun owners and NRA members account for more than their share of teh stupid. The mayors, on the other hand, are just typical politicians. Just because someone's a greedy and shifty politician doesn't mean he can't have good ideas about gun control.