Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Americans Who Hunt - the Vanity Fair / 60 Minutes Poll

You can see it for yourself here.
  • Does killing your own food appeal to you?

Does killing your own food appeal to you?

  • Yes
  • No
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Two-thirds of Americans answered "no" when asked if the idea of killing their own food appealed to them or not and 27 percent said the idea does appeal to them. There are probably many people that hunt and kill their own food responsibly. Yet for anyone who has seen "Food Inc." or similar documentaries showing the unholy business that takes place in some slaughterhouses and then continue with the status quo, it must be somewhat conflicting. Should we continue to accept those standards or change ours? Let the ethics debate begin.
The above paragraph is from the 60 minutes poll page.

According to the breakdown of this poll in the New York Daily News coverage:
*Two-thirds of Americans answered "no" when asked if they liked the thought of killing their own food, but 27% - including one of five women and one of three men - said the idea appealed to them.
I included the breakdown here, as the topic of women, guns and hunting came up here recently.  This is the same poll that showed roughly half of Republicans don't know what GOP stands for.

Useless bonus points for comments suggesting clever alternate words for the acronym GOP; (the poll offered Grumpy Old Party, God's Own Party, and Gauntlet of Power as their alternates).

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