Friday, October 7, 2011

Gross Understatement
"I don't have the facts to back this up": Herman Cain

Mr. Cain, you don't have the facts to back up a lot of what you believe.

You are speaking in every media venue that will have you, and you are running not just for any office, but for the most powerful office in the country, possibly in the world.  You have a duty, if you wish to be considered for candidacy to FIND THE DAMN FACTS before you form or express an opinion.  Shame on you and on those who stupidly and ignorantly support you without those facts.

Being Gay is a choice?

No.  Here is the response from gays within your own party, Herman, the Log Cabin Republicans (my emphasis added- DG):

For Immediate Release
Log Cabin Republicans to Herman Cain: We Can Show You the Science

“If Herman Cain truly wants to see the science proving that sexual
orientation is not a choice, Log Cabin Republicans would be happy to
show it to him,” said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke
“The claim that a person chooses to be gay or lesbian has been
discredited by every major professional medical organization, starting
with the American Psychological Association and the American Medical
Association. An individual’s orientation is no more a choice than the
color of his skin or whether he is left-handed, and too many people have
been hurt because of failed attempts to change the way they were born.”

“I would also be happy to discuss my experiences as a current Army
reserve officer and combat veteran, and the testimony of military
leadership that the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ strengthens our
armed forces and furthers America’s national security interests. It is
unfortunate that Mr. Cain chose to divert attention away from a solid
platform of greater liberty and smaller government by indulging in
anti-gay rhetoric. Log Cabin Republicans sincerely hope that Herman Cain
is open to hearing the evidence and changing his mind on these issues.”
But better than I could point out Cain's other inconsistencies and hypocrisies and failures to base his position on facts (or reason), and there are MANY of them is.......who else, but the inimitable satirists on the Daily Show:
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Oh, well - at least Herman Cain (or Herbert Cain, as 'Sandra'/ Sarah Palin likes to call him - another person who doesn't have much acquaintance with facts - has replaced both Palin and Bachmann as the token Right Wing minority first tier candidate. Because with statements like this, we can hardly take him as anything but a token.  These are not the statements of a serious person.

I think this one might be my favorite though, of all of the many inconsistencies and fact-free  claims of Herman Cain:

I was particularly struck by Cain's observations, about 6 minutes into the interview, that tries to argue that Hank Williams Jr. did not intend to make a comparison between Obama and Hitler because he did not name Obama specifically. Williams in the interview makes it very clear that he is referring to a specific event and specific people, including Obama. Further, he references Obama by name in other parts of that same interview as the person to whom he refers. This is not just being disconnected from fact and reality, it is intellectually dishonest.

Don't even get me started on all the problems with his 9-9-9 economic proposals for which Cain is reluctant to provide any names for consultants.  That is a joke, and not a very funny one.  It is not a seroius economic proposal, except perhaps in the mind of Herman Cain.  Or.......Herbert Cain.

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  1. Well, perhaps Mr. Cain thinks being black is also a choice. Who knows what sort of mental processes occur in the heads of people like him?