Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Unarmed 12 year old foils armed robbery!

So, apparently it is NOT always necessary to have an open carry firearm, or even a concealed carry firearm, to oppose violent, dangerous, armed criminals.

It isn't even necessary to be an adult.  It simply requires a little thought, a little imagination, and the will and confidence to act.

From aol news and HuffPo:

Boy Stops Robbery: Turkey Jewelry Shop Heist Stopped By 12-Year-Old

Don't underestimate the little guy.

In this incredible viral video, surveillance footage shows a masked robber entering a Turkish jewelry shop and pulling out a gun, only to have his heist thwarted by a young boy.
Concealed by a surgical mask and sunglasses, the criminal instructs shop owner Mehmet Karagoz to fill a bag with goods, but just as he lets his guard down, Karagoz's 12-year-old son jumps the robber, neutralizing and disorienting him so that he flees the scene, according to a translated version of the Turkish Posta.
The jewelry shop is located in Istanbul's Bagcilar district, a suburban region known for its light engineering, textile, and printing industries.
The security tape of the June 24 incident is just beginning to spread across the Web.
Police later identified the suspect as Mustafa S. and arrested him, according to the YouTube description.

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