Friday, March 23, 2012

Accidental Shooting of 15-Year-Old Arkansas Boy - No Charges

A 14-year-old Stuttgart minor was accidentally shot in the buttocks at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and transported Baptist Health Medical Center-Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Police Department said there would be no charges filed against the 15-year-old male, who was playing with the gun.
The boys found a gun and were playing around. Nothing unusual about that. It makes me wonder what kind of gun safety training they'd had. Arkansas is a gun friendly state, I think you could say.  Greg could tell us. Wouldn't it be likely that these boys, like most of their counterparts had been educated by their elders in the proper use and precautions to take with guns?

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  1. No charges are being filed?


    "The victim said the three were inside the home cleaning when they came across the pistol and one of the boys started “racking” the gun. The suspect said he told him to put the gun down, but the other boy said it was empty and started to fire it.

    That is when the gun fired hitting the minor.

    The weapon was recovered and had been previously reported stolen."

    is from the Stuttgart newspaper. "Stolen gun" found while cleaning? WTF? Somebody gotz to know how the gunz got in da house, don't they?

  2. BTW, Mikeb302000, you do know that the Gunzloonz Choir will be along, shortly, to complain that these poor children shoulda been trained up on teh gunz while they were gettin' their 3R's.

  3. Mikeb, we do need better education in proper gun handling, and you're correct to say that it ought to be the job of the parents. Sadly, too many parents do none of their jobs in raising children. That's a problem of the general culture, not just something specific to guns.

    1. Your proposals are like giving aspirin to someone with a bacteria infection. The person may feel a little better, but the drug isn't treating the underlying condition. The presence and prevalence of guns in this country isn't the cause of our problems.

  4. "V=Sadly, too many parents do none of their jobs in raising children. That's a problem of the general culture, not just something specific to guns."

    Right, right. And when people don't teach their kids how to spell or do sums they wind up killing people inadvertently, because they can't add or spell? You're still a fucking idiot, but you keep finding new ways to prove it to the world.

    1. If I go to a hospital, I hope that the staff know how to do arithmetic. I have had nursing students who complained about having to take Drugs and Solutions, so perhaps I should be concerned.

      But that's not the point that I was making, and if you had a brain that wasn't clogged with rage, you'd see that.