Monday, March 19, 2012

From Israel home of gun freedom...

Or so some people would have you believe.

It seems that there has been a rash of domestic shootings

It seems that Israel's a booming private security industry allows for a loophole in the law allows guards to take their weapon's home. That's led to an alarming incidence of domestic gun-related crime against women. Israel's only disarmament lobby group has launched a campaign to tigthen Israel's gun laws before more women are killed.

Somebody say something about guns around the house being bad news for women?


  1. Ah, the control freak returns. You do realize that people in abusive relationships will continue to be abused and killed, regardless of the objects in the home? Fortunately, here in America, we have protections against reflexive gun control. Other countries aren't so lucky.

    1. True enough Greg, except like any violence, the lethality of the gun increases it.

  2. Hey, Bang Bang Shrimp is back! I thought that maybe third time was a charm and you were gone for good.

  3. Glock 7's in Israel, well god damn. Why would an Israeli security guard have any need for a pistol that fires full auto 100 round clips and use a laser cutting torch?

  4. "disarmament lobby group"? They're so honest in Israel.