Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yet another senseless shooting

Pro-gun blogger, shooting instructor, and commenter on gun forums shoots and kills his girlfriend, 5-year old daughter, and then himself.
"Jorgensen is a former U.S. Marine and gun enthusiast, according to neighbors and investigators. He had a blog, "Guns, Freedom and Politics: One young man's perspective," in which he said he aspired to own a gun shop and shooting range one day. Jorgensen was also the former president of the Red Cliff rifle group.

Jorgensen taught a tactical pistol class as late as June, a post on the Southern Utah Pistol & Revolverwebsite states. He also offered to teach a class for people to receive their Utah concealed firearms permit."

"On his blog, he wrote, "I am a USMC veteran and was medically discharged for my back issues. When I was discharged I immediately got into being a firearms instructor. My passion is to teach people the correct way to use firearms so that they can be both safe and fun.""


  1. "close quarters battle team operator specializing in hostage rescue tactics...platoon designated marksman...a vast knowledge of SWAT and infantry tactics."
    " and claimed to have "

    The man sounds like a mall ninja. He also was only 24 - how long did he serve? And no combat tours are mentioned? Sounds like a poser.

  2. He might have been everything he said he was, and one thing more - a walking time bomb like too many of you guys.

    1. As long as you think that way, you'll never get us to budge on our positions. Why would we deal with someone who believes us to be ticking bombs?

  3. "there needs to be a little clarification. im getting phone calls, emails, and text messages from many asking me how i can sympathize for a man who killed a little girl. to that my response is that the facts arent in, yet. we have no idea who pulled the trigger at this point, therefore i simply cannot believe that the kind man i knew would be capable of something like this. at the risk of starting a bunch of conspiracy theories, im more inclined to believe that landon walked in on something...perhaps the young girls father was there trying to take her and thats why landon was driving so fast to get home. perhaps it got ugly and the man shot everybody and made it look like landon did it. perhaps it was the girlfriend who landon told me had stopped taking her medication for depression about a month ago. if you remember, landon quoted me as saying "you show me a woman not on meds and ill show you a woman who needs to be" a few weeks ago (CLICK HERE). that was my response to landon when he told me that his girlfriend had stopped taking her meds. perhaps landon got home and found that she had done something awful and simply killed himself. we just dont know enough at this point to draw any conclusions."

    from here (

    Yup, NOBODY couldaseen it comin'!

    I'll try to remember to go back and read the online condemnation of the shooter when ALL OF THE FACTS ARE IN. It was prolly a "sanctioned termination" by the antis; yeah, that's the ticket!