Sunday, September 22, 2013

Captain Beefheart Memorial Jack-o-lantern

I know it's a bit early for Halloween and even earlier for the 2013 Night of the living Van Vliet Festival, but here it is anyway. via Dangerous Minds



  1. That was incredible! I am a pumpkin art practitioner....In the mid 90's we grew the biggest pumpkin in made the cover of the Sud-Ouest twice....then I started carving them. Again, my pumpkin, Arnie made the front page of the Sud-Ouest when it went on display here in Badefols. I have done a few giant pumpkins for florist shop displays in biggest pumpkin was over 600 took a horse trailer and 6 men to move it!

    1. You are a pumpkin man.

      I just got ahold of the live Beefheart album called "I'm gonna do what I wanna do." Do you know it?