Sunday, September 22, 2013

OK, you want to liken gun rights to Civil rights for gays, blacks, etcetera....

Betty Bowers hits the nail on the head with this one:


  1. Mrs. Betty Bowers has her opinion I suppose, but I cant see a gun as a fetish. I guess there are those kind out there, it would be too much information and likely none that I would want to have knowledge of such a "fetish". Fetish is a term often described as a sexual activity.

    But Laci, the take I get from you is this, a gun "fetish" choice is dangerous to the public like gays and blacks are dangerous to the public safety.

    Do you really want to go there or are you willing to restate that atrocious title.

    A civil right is a civil right. The second civil right applies to gays and blacks and any other living human being. As long as they are not a adjudicated as a criminal that had those rights removed.

    It is not "likened" to any person of color or preference of sex. That is quite a jump to attempt to do so as it disparages gays, blacks and so on.