Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chief Mark Kessler Fired

Screenshot from YouTube user Chief Kessler

Local news reports

Local officials voted 6-1 Thursday night to terminate the police chief of a small Pennsylvania borough who came under fire earlier this year for posting profanity-laced YouTube videos featuring his arsenal of firearms.
The sun will likely soon set on Chief Mark Kessler’s tenure as Gilberton, PA police chief following Thursday’s meeting in which the council governing the borough of barely 800 people moved to terminate its loud mouth local YouTube sensation and the area’s only full-time lawman.


  1. I forsee a promising career apprehending shoplifters at some third-rate mall somewhere. Actually, not even that is likely. No one wants a psychotic gunsuck running security at their establishment. This guy is clearly over the edge. In addition, he cannot separate his political beliefs from his professional ones. The two need to remain separate. He may wish to consider running for office.

  2. The next NRA board member along with GZ. Nugent just isn't looney enough for the NRA.