Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Accidental Shooting in Portland, Oregon - 2 Injured - No Arrests

Accidental shooting injures 2 in SE Portland

Two people were injured during an accidental shooting in Southeast Portland Tuesday.
Officers responded to the report of a shooting around 1 p.m. in the 8700 block of Southeast Ellis Street, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland police.
They found a man and woman suffering from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, Simpson said. Both were transported to Portland hospitals for treatment.
An initial investigation found that the man was handling a gun and accidental pulled the trigger, injuring both himself and the woman.
Officers seized the gun and said there was no risk to the neighborhood.
"No risk to the neighborhood," that's a good one.


  1. "accidental pulled the trigger"

    Another negligence case called and accident.

    1. Do you resist calling vehicular collisions accidents since they are called negligence?

      What events do you accept calling accidents?

    2. Hey hillbilly (a perfect person to ask) how does one accidentally pull the trigger? Maybe you thought you were holding your dick and squeezed?

    3. Hey, dickhead, how do you accidentally steer your car into another vehicle?

    4. "Accident" is also a misnomer when applied to auto accidents. But, we've already got heavy restrictions on drivers of cars. The result is, after seat belt laws and speed limits and insurance requirements, that the numbers have been brought down about as much as they can be without interfering with people's freedom and the running of the country. Now we need to do something about guns.

    5. Mike,

      You are at least being consistent there in what you will call an accident and what you won't. Will you answer the other question Jim ignored: What would you call an accident?

    6. Pulling a trigger, is not an accident. Dick head.

    7. T, quit playing fuckin' games with me. I know what an accident is and so do you. The difference is you want to call many incidents that are really negligent fuck-ups on the part of the gun owner, accidents.