Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moorhead City, North Carolina Police Officer Injured in Accidental Shooting

Officer medivacked
Rescue crews from Morehead City Fire and EMS Department and Vidant Medical Center helicopter crews prepare to load onto an awaiting helicopter the Morehead City Police Officer who sustained a gunshot wound during an accidental shooting in an early morning training exercise being conducted at the police department Wednesday. (Helen Outland photo)

A city police officer suffered a gunshot wound Wednesday morning during a training exercise.
The incident, which Mayor Jerry Jones called “a tragic” accident as he spoke during a news conference at the department, is under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation. Police Chief Wrenn Johnson said that was protocol.
The mayor said the department has the city’s support and the incident was an accident.
“This is very tragic,” the mayor said. “We are very supportive of the police department. We are a big family. They (officers) train hard, but accidents can happen. We learn and improve. Both these officers are in our hearts.”

Police say the officer has a gunshot wound sustained in the accident in the rear parking lot of the police department about 8 a.m. and was transferred by helicopter from Carteret General Hospital to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.
Now, wait a minute. Was the injury sustained during training or in the back parking lot? 
One thing is clear, the mayor and the police are all one big family.  They cover up each other's negligence every chance they get.
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  1. "A witness who lives across the street, Lee Willis, said he saw police officers training in the parking lot Wednesday morning and then he heard a gunshot.
    "They put four people in the car, and when they did that, they surrounded the car again and you could hear the clicking of the gun. Then one gun actually went off, and that's when they said 'man shot' and that's when they pulled him out of the car," Willis said."

    "They cover up each other's negligence every chance they get."

    As you can see, this shooting is quite similar to any other accidental family type shooting. They aren't covering up. They are presently rallying around an injured family member. After the crisis is over, for good, or ill, the department will determine what happened and why.