Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Jersey Man Shoots Himself in the Leg - No Charges

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Jefferson Patch

Jefferson Police report a 73-year-old man apparently shot himself accidentally last weekend.

According to a department report, at about 11:40 p.m., Officer Rich Reina 
responded to Bear Drive for a report of a serious, but not life-threatening gunshot wound. Once there, Reina learned that resident Charles Johnson was handling his .45 caliber handgun when it accidentally discharged and hit him in the upper leg.

Milton First Aid Squad took Johnson to Morristown Memorial Hospital for treatment. 

Detectives determined that Johnson was trying to check the gun's condition. The man thought the weapon did not have a clip in it, and it didn't, but there was a bullet in the chamber and it accidentally  discharged. 

Police said that because the investigation was deemed accidental, no charges were expected to be filed.

I guess I can't blame this one on the lax attitudes towards guns and gun laws. I suppose it goes to show that even in places like NJ and CA, they don't treat gun negligence as they should.

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