Thursday, October 3, 2013

So much for peaceful Vermont

Nothing like a road rage incident gone overboard to change a peaceful state to a war zone. 

In this case, the chain of events began with a dispute between Matthew Webster and his wife, then escalated after Webster ran a red light and nearly collided with Anna Alger's car. Alger pursued and then confronted Webster, who responded by killing her.

I guess that's what you get if you don't dial 911.

On the other hand, who carries a gun in a civilised society?

Matthew webster did: a Ruger 9 mm semiautomatic handgun and a Keltec .380 pistol, along with three magazines, including the emptied one, and five loose bullets, according to court papers.

Anyway, Webster told investigators that Alger charged "like a six-point buck coming over a hill" and fired a shot at her thinking that would stop her.

He emptied the magazine on her when it didn't.

Anyway, a witness described the incident this way:
I saw the man and the woman standing outside of their cars and they seemed to be arguing. He started toward her and she put her hands up and said something along the lines of 'No, don't.' I had been driving by at this time, and when I went past, I heard a shot.
When I looked back she was on the ground and he had taken off. So extremely scary, especially with my two kids in the car.
Maybe this is the point where we reveal that Webster is being treated for depression and chronic anxiety among "so many other things,"  Not to mention that he has also admitted abusing prescription medication including oxycodone and methadone in the past and Klonopin, a medicine to treat anxiety.   Medical experts say that possible side-effects of Klonopin include mood or behavior changes, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

But, we can't have cops second guessing who should be able to carry a gun, should we?

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  1. Laci, explain the fallacy of the hasty generalization and get back to me then.

  2. Lets see, New York and California, which are the apple of the Brady Campaigns eye have a murder rate about three times or more higher than Vermont. Vermont has constitutional carry and coincidently have the same murder rate as my home state of Minnesota, which has a shall issue permit system.
    This seems to indicate that there are other factors which are affecting crime.

    1. Vermont doesn't have a Harlem or Brownsville or Watts or East LA.

      It's funny how when it's convenient you forget that guns are not the only factor in this discussion.

    2. Mike, I never forget that. In fact, I thought that my comment said just that.

    3. Mikeb, how does pointing out that Vermont doesn't have gun-control enclaves do anything to what Sarge said?

    4. Yes you did say that. I missed it.

  3. Just one more gunsuck over the line. EVERY GUNSUCK is one moment of blinding rage from this guy. Every gun owner is a time bomb.