Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Do you really think they care about your "gun rights", suckers?

The right wants to use gun rights as a wedge issue to get you to vote against your self interests, yet
their shut down could prevent people from exercising their "Second Amendment Rights":

One of the more controversial effects of a government shutdown is a halt on concealed carry permits for gun owners. The clerk of court issues these permits in each locality, but the software they use to perform background checks on applicants goes through the federal government.
OK, maybe the government will see things your way and this is covered under the "law enforcement exception". 

Then again, maybe not!

Of course, part of the reason the US is in this mess is because politicians have been courting the fringe elements of US politics:  The people who are single issue voters (e.g., "right to life", "gun rights", taxes).

Unfortunately, one lesson any democracy should know is choose good leaders, or you will be stuck with bad ones.

And the US has picked some really bad ones.


  1. Actually, the NICS system is covered under that exception, so this post was a waste of your time.

    However, your other comments raise an interesting issue--if we talk about doing some things out of rational self interest, you guys tell us what horrible people we are for being so selfish and Randian; however, if you guys want us to support one of your social programs, you try to sell us on it by telling us how it's really in our self interest and only makes sense for us to vote for it because we'll pay a little bit, the rich will pay a lot, and we'll get wonderful benefits.

    You claim to be against greed, but covetousness and greed are the currency of your arguments.

    1. I don't quite understand why your leaders feel compelled to "sell" their subjects a social program or a new criminal act? If they wish to change the law, move forward and implement their desires without fear of public reprisal, with the forethought that those who are in violation of the law will be appropriately punished. It seems backward, the notion that legislation must be approved by the masses, as the criminalization of dissent (the violation of the law) is inherent in any legislative act. You disagree with a law by which you must abide.

      Fortunately, such matters will soon be relegated from the hands of your incompetent leaders.

    2. We shouldn't confuse the collective interest in civilian disarmament with obscure notions of "individual responsibility". I doubt that most members of society who arm themselves possess the cognitive ability to understand why they would be charged for their irresponsible behavior. It is foolish to punish that which does not understand it's crime.

  2. Or you know what, Laci? Both sides could drop the wedge issues and get on with doing good for the country. People like you use gun control as a wedge, which makes Democrats lose. The Democratic Party would do so much better if it made a permanent and public break from gun control.

    1. Does Government have the right, if not the obligation to ensure that its own forces enjoy a monopoly on the lawful and available use of force?

      Do you Americans fail to comprehend the obvious? In any other society your non-sanctioned rantings would be perceived as ridiculous, if not treasonous.

    2. Any other society is not representative republic like the US. Our leaders are there because we put them there to represent us, the people, the masses. If they don't represent us in the fashion that we put them there to do, they loose their seat, their position, their job. They work FOR the people, not the other way around. The other way around is socialism, dictatorship, Marxism. We threw that off over 200 years ago. We don't intend to go back to it.

      Go enjoy your social society, Hongqi. We will enjoy our freedoms.

    3. It's not both sides, Greg. It's the Obama-hating Republicans.

    4. I would say both sides too Mike, there are getting to be more and more Obama hating democrats as well.

      These democrats that voted for Obama are not getting what he promised, except the change part. The problem is the change is not what they were wanting or expecting.

    5. Count on you, Mikeb, to miss my point completely. I'll make it again. The Democratic Party would be much more successful if it would stop pissing off so many American voters over gun control. Democrats should make a permanent break with it. But, of course, being part of either of the two major parties involves a suspension of rationality.

    6. Greg, have you been completely ignoring the polls and surveys that say the great majority STILL support background checks and other gun control improvements?

      Of course you have.

    7. Mike, While I haven't been ignoring the polls that the media has been releasing, each showing some ungodly high percentage of citizens in favor of universal background checks, of whatever gun legislation de jure is out there, I'm starting to wonder about the accuracy of those polls.
      First, when any poll involving people has numbers approaching 100%, I'd start to wonder if my math was wrong, simply because people are so contrary.
      Then there seems to be separate data that conflicts with the polls. The Colorado recall for example. If the poll figures were correct, then the one Senator shouldn't have lost her seat by such a wide margin.
      If the polls out in the media are accurate, then why do legislators vote against the numbers? Rule one of politicians is to get elected. Rule two is to get reelected. It doesn't matter how much money the lobbyist has, it the politician goes against the numbers, he stops getting the money.
      So, for some reason the politicians seem to have numbers that are more accurate than the polls, namely feedback from their district.
      Perhaps it takes a certain amount of time for the poll numbers to come true, but so far, the numbers haven't been carrying over to changes in elections, for several years.

    8. Exactly, Sarge. The only polls that matter are elections, and gun control consistently loses those.

  3. What was that Mencken said about hobgoblins and fear?

    orlin sellers

  4. Great, Jadegold's sockpuppets are back.

    1. Does that mean that you will be commenting again? It is the suspicion of many that you are simply another marionette.

    2. My question is why all the other personas are returning but not the original, E.N. Did they get stranded and eat him? I thought you were supposed to eat the minstrels when snowed in, not the other way round.

  5. "And the US has picked some really bad ones. "

    Especially the last several years.

  6. "One of the more controversial effects of a government shutdown is a halt on concealed carry permits for gun owners. The clerk of court issues these permits in each locality, but the software they use to perform background checks on applicants goes through the federal government."

    "Federal gun permits did not appear to halt, either, based on a contingency plan set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. According to the plan, which was published online, federal agents who conducted criminal investigations in the department or who conducted compliance and application inspections were not among those federal employees furloughed on Tuesday after a budget or continuing resolution did not pass by Monday night.
    Officials said they weren’t quite sure where the misconception came from that local gun permits and sales might be affected."


    Sorry to disappoint you Laci, (Well, not really) But that part of the government seems to be working just fine.

  7. I think you're all missing the point. The continuing resolution passed by the House of Representatives not only defunds the implementation of Obamacare/PPACA, but attempts to gut the basic protections for women's healthcare that comprised one of the most humane sections of the entire law. The continuing resolution as passed would allow employers to deny women the eight basic healthcare services without prohibitive co-pays and patient's portions.

    (1) Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling;
    (2) Screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence;
    (3) Screening for gestational diabetes;
    (4) DNA testing for high-risk strains of HPV;
    (5) Counseling regarding sexually transmitted infections, including HIV;
    (6) Screening for HIV;
    (7) Contraceptive methods and counseling; and,
    (8) Well woman visits.

    Conservative, Randian or otherwise, real men love their women

    1. This could have, and should have, been dealt with in Conference between the Senate and House. Instead, Senate Democrats voted to not bother sending anyone to the Conference Committee and letting the government shut down. Democrats own this.


  8. What hog wash. The government did not shut down until the Republicans refused to pass a funding bill.