Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best method of protection?

It's been said before.   Guns aren't really the best choice.  They are probably the worst thing to have in the home if you want to protect your family.

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  1. Yet no mention of what you should do. Is it not fair to say that a weapon's effectiveness can also be used against its owner. Lesser weapons cause less damage to their owners as they do less damage. A gadget's ability for self harm is directly proportional to its capabilities.

    Could not all these arguments be used against cops & military? They have suicides and accidental discharges. Their weapons are frequently used against them. With cops its in the neighborhood of 1 in 3 deaths.

    If an individual does not want a firearm I am all for not forcing him/her to have one.

  2. Laci, given your history, you're probably right to say that a gun would be the worst thing in your home, but let's recall that at least at one point, Dog Gone thought that a gun was a good idea for her. The president seems to think that it's a good idea for him and his family. And what choices I make for my home are mine to make, not yours.