Sunday, April 27, 2014

La Pierre Kicks Off the NRA Convention with the Usual Be-Very-Afraid and Get-Ready-To-Fight Nonsense


  1. I am not an NRA member but the venom here is pushing me towards becoming one - I lean more towards going w/ the GOA.

    What LP, and many other Americans know, is that gun control = centralized gun ownership. Those who will be doing any of the taking away of weapons (if it comes to that) will themselves have weapons.

    It is the height of hypocrisy for a government that has spent more money, both raw amount and percentage, on weapons than any other nation on earth ever (w/ tax payer money) to prevent its citizens from procuring petty weapons w/ their own money. America spends more money on weapon systems than did the Roman Empire.

    American government entities have been responsible for much of the weapons proliferation around the world. And has used said weapons both rightly & wrongly in the past 230+ years of existence. Individuals/NGO's get many of their weapons (directly or indirectly) from nation states. If you want to reign in the former you got to reign in the latter.

  2. What venom? You mean when I characterize La Pierre's speech as "the Usual Be-Very-Afraid and Get-Ready-To-Fight Nonsense?"