Friday, May 2, 2014

Gun Buybacks Reduce Accidental Shootings, Experts Say

ABC report with video

Gun buybacks may not be a solution to really make a dent in violent crime, but they can have an impact on another problem, accidental shootings. Those deadly tragedies are on the decline according to experts, and we’re putting the reasons why In Focus. 

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  1. The fellow from Johns Hopkins claims that it's handguns and shotguns that get bought at these events, but it's the "newer higher caliber weapons that tend to be the high risk weapons." Uh huh. The highest caliber weapon available to the general public is a shotgun. But he's claiming that these programs reduce accidental shootings. But no numbers are offered of how many guns have been bought in these drives in contrast to how many guns have been sold to the public over the same period. And he uses that phrase, common sense, when he claims that storage laws will reduce accidents--that phrase that signals a lack of facts and logic. All in all, this is the kind of empty rhetoric and special pleading that I've come to expect from his institution with regard to guns